Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How quickly can I get an appointment?

A: Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. We do offer "emergency rates". Call our office for more details.


Q: Which forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, Check and Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only).


Q: How experienced are your techs and are they really that good?

A: Of course we think our techs are the best in the business, but for good reason. We use only techs with real world experience. Classrooms are OK for students, but when it comes to being able to solve any computer problem nothing compares to real world experience. Some of our techs have as much as 25+ years in the business and a track record that proves it.


Q: Is it true that I can get a virus just by connecting to the Internet?

A: Yes it is. Some of the new viruses (worms) spread through the internet rather than email. They infect computers by exploiting security holes in Windows and Internet Explorer.


Q: I use a name brand name/main stream antivirus. Why is House Calls so excited about Nod32? I've never heard of it.

A: NOD32 is not as well known as some of the more popular antivirus for good reason. They dump their time and effort into building a reliable product, not peddling garbage. NOD32 remains the only antivirus product in the entire world that has not missed a single in the wild virus in 7 years. It holds 28th Virus Bulletin 100% Awards. No other product can claim that. We work on several computers a day that use one of the other antivirus packages and have seen first hand how NOD32 finds viruses the other guys miss. NOD32 also doesn't slow your system down like the other guys. It's not a memory hog. And finally, because of the type of detection system NOD32 uses, it actually picks up some of the spyware that is floating around due to the characteristics some spyware share with trojan viruses.


Q: What is spyware and how does my computer become infected with it?

A: Spyware ends up on your computer in a number of ways. Some software (both commercial and free) install spyware on your computer. Sometimes just visiting a website will auto install spyware on your computer. A lot of websites will display a notice either offering a free toolbar / application or stating that in order to view the contents of their webpage you have to install their special software. There are many ways for spyware to end up on your computer. Spyware can do several things to your computer, change your home page, redirect you to a website that you did not intend to go to, show alot of pop up ads, log every keystroke you type on your computer, slow down your computer and much more. Spyware has become a serious issue over the last year.


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