Wow! Is All I Can Say!

" I had 3 other local computer companies come out to fix my problem. All 3 were unsuccessful and I was out quite a bit of money. A coworker recommended House Calls. Wow! Is all I can say! House Calls not only quickly identified and solved my problem but also taught me how to maintain my own computer. I will definitely use them again! "

M.D. ...Midwest City, OK

A Very Satisified Customer

" We have 2 computer guys at my office with all kinds of certification. Yet when our network crashed neither one could fix it. A call to House Calls and they had two of their best on site. They had us up and running the very same day. Since then several people in our office have used them."

- A Very Satisfied Customer......Oklahoma City, OK


Good Job Guys!

"Thanks for fixing my computer! You're the best!"

P. Mullen.....Edmond, OK


Rescued Me Twice!

"Jeff is very professional, very quick to respond for service, and has twice rescued me from virus infections. I have recommended him to many of my friends, and they have found him very helpful and reliable."

Don C. Birdwell.....Clarksville, TN


This Is A Great Service!

"This is a great service and Jeff is a very good service man. I'm convinced that my computer is possessed. If you have a problem with your computer don't hesitate to call their service is great."

J. Schmidt.....Clarksville, TN


This Service Is A Must!

"For all rookies, This service is a must! Jeff is very professional and committed to helping with your computer needs. While he updated and upgraded my system, I picked his brain for instruction. He is very patient, and I am now much more confident in using my PC. I admire his tenacity in staying with it until everything is remedied. I have recommended his company to several people."

Bonnie Beightol.....Clarksville, TN

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Honest and Fair

"I have a home office and my computer has failed me many times (What a shock huh!) House Calls has helped me several times to get my office back in order. Michael is honest and fair and will always gives a straight answer. He is very knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher."

Jennifer.....Oklahoma City, OK

No Better Team

" I've had the pleasure of working with a few of the technicians from House Calls and not once have I been disappointed. Each one of the technicians was extremely knowledgeable and customer service oriented. In my opinion there is no better team than House Calls."

T. O'Carroll.....Chandler, Az

In A Flash, It Was Gone!

"I write for several publications and at the time I met Michael from House Calls I was working on my first book. I had the neighborhood kid come over and help me with some computer problems I was having. His help ended up deleting my book. In a flash, it was gone! We couldn't get it back. When Michael showed up he was able to work some type of computer magic and retrieve my lost book! Thank you so much!"

M. Webb


House Calls Is The 'Real Deal'

"I am really happy with the great service, and great value my firm has received through Housecalls the past few years. They are always professional and courteous and do a super job. We depend on them to keep us "up and running" and because of that we rarely have any meaningful downtime. And that means better business for us. The guys at House Calls are truly computer experts and love their work. House Calls is the "Real Deal" when it comes to solving any PC performance issue we may have.
I heartily recommend Housecalls to all my associates."

B. Hollingsworth Sr......Pittsburgh, PA


Unnecessary Repairs

" I'm glad I found Housecalls. I am a complete computer dummy and have spent several hundreds of dollars on unnecessary repairs suggested by the other guys. Housecalls knows their stuff. I use to take my computer in on almost a monthly basis. Since hiring House Calls my computer has never run better. I see them about once a year and that's just for a tune up! Great work! Great service!"

Amanda Stevens......Yukon, OK

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