Update Blues

Most of us realize that Windows is not the most secure operating system, but it is the operating system that is on the majority of computers world wide. We hear announcements about security holes in Internet Explorer and Windows that could allow hackers access to our information, allow viruses to penetrate our computers or cause compatibility problems with other software. We are in a constant state of applying the lastest patch/fix or service pack. It's frustrating to think that a product was released to the market without being 100% bullet proof, which in turn comprimises the safety and/or stability of our computers, but that's often how things go in the computer world.


All of us are learning to be more security minded when it comes to our computers, so we immediately apply any fix / patch that is released. But that's not always the best solution at that moment. House Calls is a firm believer in updates, but suggests to take a cautious approach. When updates (especially Service Packs) are first released wait a few weeks before installing. Why? As some of us have experienced in the past, or are currently experiencing with Service Pack 2 for Win XP, patches sometimes have flaws in them. If you wait a few weeks you will hear from friends, family, news or even recieve an email from House Calls warning of the possible problems with that current update. You can then avoid any problem caused by the update by waiting and installing the "fixed" version of the update when it's released.


What about security holes? Running a good spyware program (Spybot), a good antivirus (Nod32) and a good firewall (Kerio or Sygate) on a regular basis will help limit / prevent any type of threats that could possible sneak through any security holes in your operating system.


For those of you worried about the many security holes found in Internet Explorer, you can go a step further and switch to the highly recommended Firefox internet web browser. More information about Firefox can be found at the following link:



The above mentioned programs can be downloaded through our client only section. If you are a current client click CLIENT LOGIN from the menu above or below and enter your login information.